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Structure Of Vacuum Belt Filter
May 05, 2018

In mining, belt filter is one of the commonly used equipment, and vacuum belt filter is the mainstream product. Before using the equipment, we should have a detailed understanding of it, such as the structural framework, so that we can better use the equipment.

In terms of the overall structure, the vacuum belt filter adopts a detachable frame structure, which is conducive to the maintenance and repair of the whole machine, and is convenient for dismantling and installation. The vacuum belt filter adopts a fixed vacuum box process, through a sealing device, plus lubricant and coolant, to form an effective vacuum seal.

When the liquid enters the vacuum chamber and passes through the gas water separator, with the movement of the rubber belt, the filtered cake formed after the filtration will enter the washing area and the dry area in turn. The filter cloth is finally separated from the tape, and the filter cake is discharged at the place of the filter cake roll. Usually, the vacuum filter adopts two ways of air cushion support and water film support. The tape is suspended on the air cushion, which can effectively reduce the friction resistance of the tape operation and improve the working efficiency.

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